New Threat: CryptoWall

The newest threat to corporate and small business networks are cryptographic viruses. These viruses encrypt all the data they can find on the local PC and then proceed to the network shares. Once the virus has run its course, all the data that the infected machine had access to is now completely unusable.

Virus writers make their money by ransoming your data. The current ransom for CryptoWall (the newest variant) is between $500 – $2000 USD paid through a bitcoin transfer.

We are sending this out because we have seen a lot of CryptoWall activity in the last few days.

This virus is transferred primarily through email. Please do not open any Zip files from unknown sources including FedEx, UPS, USPS and eBay as a few examples. Just because the email looks like it came from UPS and you happen to be expecting a package, do not open the Zip file.

If you are unsure of any emails you can send them to and we can tell you if it is legitimate or not.

If any PC seems to be infected with CryptoWall or any other variant with Crypt in the name please pull the power cord as soon as possible and contact Noventech support for further instructions.