Critical Internet Explorer Vulnerability

On Saturday, Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 were at risk for so-called drive-by attacks from malicious websites. This leaves all users using Internet Explorer at risk until Microsoft releases a patch for the browser. They have yet to determine when this patch will be released or if they will even release an “emergency” patch outside of their normal patch cycle.

Until Microsoft releases a patch we are recommending one of the following actions:

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox for web browsing.
  • Completely uninstall Adobe Flash from the system.

If you require help installing, using, or migrating settings from IE to Chrome or Firefox please open a support ticket at and we will schedule a time to work with you.

We will send out more updates as Microsoft releases more information regarding the remedy to this issue.

Windows XP Users

Windows XP users are urged to stop using Internet Explorer and to use Google Chrome or Firefox immediately. Since Microsoft will not be releasing any security patches for the versions of IE running on Windows XP, not using IE is the only option.

Any Windows XP users that are required to use Internet Explorer for application compatibility it is recommended to uninstall Adobe Flash from the system.

Please forward this email to any users in your organization that may be affected by the issue.

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