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Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services

We specialize in Managed IT Services for small to medium sized business and government agencies. We cover everything from vendor management & purchasing to installation and maintenance of your critical IT systems.


Virtualizing new or existing servers provides many benefits over running the servers on bare-metal. Contact us to discuss your virtualization needs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How long will it take you to recover an entire system from your backups? Most people don’t know. Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions provide a well-tested solution to hardware failure to get you up and running quickly.


Need to cover a single office space or an entire building? We can handle both. Cloud controller access points are much cheaper than they were only a few years ago making it more cost effective to cover a wide are with WiFi which allows client to roam seamlessly between access points.

Beacon Remote Monitoring

At Noventech, we take IT so seriously that we have developed our own IT monitoring and management tools to provide real-time feedback from your most critical systems. Most IT companies can’t say that.

Our cloud-based remote monitoring and management systems allow us to monitor your most critical systems in real-time. We track hundreds of individual metrics per device which is used to give us a snapshot of its current status and take preventative measures before your productivity is interrupted.

Common uses cases for remote monitoring include things as simple as knowing when a system goes offline, when disk free space passes a critical level, or ensuring that a RAID array is healthy.

A few examples of what we monitor are:

What We Monitor When Monitored When Not Monitored
Server responsiveness If a server goes offline over the weekend we will now about it and start recovery before the start of the work week. You realize the server is down Monday morning and then schedule a time to get it repaired.
Disk Free Space We delete log files, remove unnecessary applications and program updates. Microsoft Exchange service stop responding or databases become corrupt because they cannot write data to disk.
RAID Status We are notified of a hard drive failure immediately and can order and install a replacement drive. A second hard drive drive fails and all data is lost.

What We Do

  • Server & Workstation Setup & Maintenance
  • Single & Multiple WiFi Access Point Deployments
  • Real-time Monitoring of Equipment
  • Server Virtualization with VMWare or Hyper-V
  • Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery
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