Remote Web Workplace

What is Remote Web Workplace?

Remote Web Workplace is a feature built into Microsoft Small Business Server, which makes it easy to remotely connect to your office PC over the Internet. It was introduced in SBS 2003 and has been improved in SBS 2008.

The most commonly used feature of RWW is the ability to connect to PC desktops directly from a web browser. This is accomplished with the help of a few components: a terminal server SSL proxy, an Internet Explorer ActiveX control, and the remote desktop service built into Windows XP Professional.

How much does it cost?

RWW is part of SBS so it doesn’t cost anything extra. It is almost entirely set up during the installation process without any extra configuration. After installation, we recommend getting a valid SSL certificate for you server, which you should do anyway if you intend to offer Exchange’s Outlook Web Access to your employees. A SSL certificate from a company such as GoDaddy will only cost about $40 per year.

Why not use a free service like LogMeIn for remote access?

Connecting to a PC from RWW offers many advantages to using a free remote access service. The free versions of these utilities don’t offer things such as printer or file sharing between your local PC and the office PC. The printing redirection in RWW means that when working from home, you can print to your home printer while working within your office PC.

Another advantage is that since RWW is utilizing a remote desktop connection, it automatically scales your viewing session to match the resolution of the computer you’re using. This means that instead of viewing the exact size of your office desktop, which could be larger, smaller, wider, etc. that the PC you’re on, you just see a full screen view of the computer. This makes it much easier to view things on screen and navigate the computer.